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Would I do it again? Bike across America?

Six months after our return from the 3,115 – mile bike trip, I am repeatedly asked if I would do it again.

NO!  Biking across the USA is not an easy achievement. A year of my life was dedicated to training 6 hours a day, then riding the 3,000+ miles and then 4 months of recuperation and catch-up.

What were the best parts?

The two months my daughter and I spent together biking across the USA, but it was not a vacation; it was a rigorous physical challenge as well as a test of managing stress, maximizing patience and pulling together as partners. We lived through a “rite of passage” in our relationship. We took care of each other on the road bicycling and in many other ways too. At times JC “mothered” me; bringing me ice packs and massaging my sore shoulder and insisting I eat more and sleep longer. I depended on her to map our directions, fix the computer, compress photos and lift anything heavy. We calmed each other in the face of potential tornadoes, heat stroke and semi-trucks blasting us off the road.

The mother/daughter hierarchy we knew at the beginning of the trip has been forever shattered. My role as mother has shifted from authority to partnership. We are equals and friends and I like it that way.

We both feel a great sense of accomplishment because, through the bike trip and donations of $1 a mile, we were able to raise $52 K – that’s right, $52,000 for Bone Health Awareness and research, donated to the National Osteoporosis Foundation.

Women who have osteopenia or osteoporosis (like me, my mother, and sisters) became friends as we pedaled, and via email.

What did I learn?

One, two or three women can make a difference, from a grass-roots level. Choose your “cause” and work with passion.

We can impact our bone health, learn how at the Osteoporosis website.

More details:

Hawaii five Adventures – Bike the Rim of the Volcano

Bike the Rim of the Volcano

“Bike Volcano” excursion.

Views into the crater

The forty-five minute drive from Hilo to Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park leads you to one of the twenty World Heritage sites in North America and the only one in Hawaii.

The Visitors Center was a good place to get our bearings and hear the ranger’s talk before we joined an easy, three-hour, nine-mile “Bike Volcano” excursion. We pedaled along Crater Rim Drive, stopping to see various craters and steam vents and left our eco-friendly two-wheel vehicles to hike through Thurston Lava Tube. A few miles further we rested our bikes along the guard rail and watched volcanic emissions of ash and gas spewing from the Halema’umal’u Crater. We cruised through thick forests, along roads closed to traffic (sections had sunk into the crater) and amid volcanic rock fields. After a cool downhill ride the van met us with snacks, guva and passionfruit drinks and then zipped us back uphill to our cars.

An easy ten-minute drive from the park, Volcano Village offers a variety of lunch spots. We stopped to browse the art and gardens at Volcano Garden Art Center. After placing our order at the Café Ono for a locally-grown green salad, homemade tomato-vegetable soup and a crust-less cheese and spinach quiche, we wandered through the galleries and garden. Over 70 local contemporary artists display and sell their unique pieces of jewelry, pottery, photography, floral designs and fabric art.

Bike Company

Bike 808-934-9199

Volcano Garden Arts & Café Ono 808-985-8979

Grass Roots Philanthropy. Biked 3,115 miles Across America for Charity and Challenge.

No stilettos. No shopping… just pedaling to promote strong bones for life!
The Bond Girl Team, composed of

Bike Across America. Are we nuts?

Marybeth, her 22-year-old daughter and a friend, biked 3,114 miles from the Pacific to the Atlantic and raised $52,000 for the National Osteoporosis Foundation for research and education. Their all-female campaign brought awareness to the silent disease osteoporosis which runs in their family and affects millions of American women.
Six months of training. Three months of biking, and three months of recovery. Beginning in our hometown of San Francisco and ending in Yorktown, Va.
Read about our adventures at:

Biking for Osteoporosis Awareness 


Marybeth and her daughter pedal out of San Francisco and finish 3,115 miles later in Yorktown, VA.

About Marybeth Bond

Marybeth Bond is the nation’s preeminent expert on women travel. She is the award-winning
author-editor of 11 books.

Marybeth has hiked, cycled, climbed, dived and kayaked her way through more than seventy countries around the world.

She was a featured guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Marybeth has appeared on CBS News, CNN, ABC, NBC, National Public Radio and National Geographic Weekend.